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Earn TRX and BTT by farming!

To play, purchase and hatch eggs (for shrimp) or purchase Seeders (for torrents).
Shrimp produce eggs and Seeders produce peers at a rate of one per producer per day.
E.g: 24 Shrimp produce 24 eggs per day, or 1 per hour.

Sustainable Economics

The contracts automatically inflate as users buy and sell, which maintains contract balance and prevents early buyers from profiting forever.
The price of eggs / peers rises and falls depending on the actions of players. Profit is made by buying before others.

Game Info

Note: Torrent Farm has experienced issues and was taken down.
Shrimp and Seeders are permanent and cannot be sold.
After 24H of production, you will stop producing until you sell or hatch/convert.
You can sell or hatch/convert at any time without penalty.


Earn 10% of the number of all eggs hatched or peers converted by anyone who starts playing using your link: ?